What Can You Do If You Cannot Foster Cats

What Can You Do If You Cannot Foster Cats


What Can You Do If You Cannot Foster Cats

When it comes to community cats, you will always have your ferals. Most of them passed a certain age are fine being outside and can fend for themselves.

What happens when you find a friendly cat, some kittens, or an older–once feral–cat who is now sickly and in need of care? Foster.

Fostering is a great way to get cats off the street and rehabilitated until they can be adopted out. But, what if you cannot foster due to life circumstances, schedules, or illnesses?

There are other options for what you can do based on your availability and skills, below are some ideas.

Transport the cats to vet appointments

You may not be able to have the cats in your home long-term but you can always help out by offering your car to local rescues who need transporters to drive cats to and from vet appointments. This is a great need you are filling and helps the cats and rescues out greatly.

Help rescues TNR or simply trap cats

Friendly cats may come up to you, while sick, but feral cats may still use their limited energy to avoid coming to you. This is where TNR practices come in. You can be the ones to set the traps, check in on them, and continuously keep an eye on your neighborhood for any new cats needing the whole TNR treatment or just maybe need to be trapped and fostered while they recover from an injury.

Take on clerical tasks

All rescues get emails, have spreadsheets, and have to crunch numbers. Taking on some clerical work can lift a lot of burden off of a rescues plate. Most of these can also be done from home once the rescue shares the information you will need to successfully finish this work. Dedicating a couple of hours each week to keeping a rescues paperwork organized is a great way to give back.

Use your work skillset to volunteer

Currently, I cannot foster, but I am using my blogging background to help deliver valuable information to those caring about Project MEOW and their mission. This is how I give back and this is how others give back. Maybe you are a professional grant writer who could help a rescue receive more fund, or are a graphic designer who can create a new logo and rebrand the rescue to get more eyes on it. Any skill set can be transferred over to a volunteer purpose and can be valuable to the rescue’s mission.

Some people may shrug their shoulders and be like “I cannot foster,” and move on, but in reality, there are many more ways to give back.

Project MEOW is always looking for volunteers to help and give back to the cats of Philadelphia. For more information, visit their website and see how you can help.


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