Ways To Care For Cats This Summer

Ways To Care For Cats This Summer


Ways To Care For Cats This Summer

Summer may be more than half over but the heat still stays around for a while still. You may be able to beat the heat inside, but what about the community cats outside?

While community cats may be able to hide under a porch to try and keep cool, they still need a little help from those who care about them.

If extreme heat is too much to leave your pet outside then it is probably too hot for community cats to be left to fend for themselves.

We understand you cannot always take the cat inside for the duration of the heat wave. But below are some tips to help your local cat friends thrive and survive the heat:

Leave water out

A simple gesture of leaving some water outside can be the difference between life and death for cats–especially kittens and elderly cats. It’s harder for them to control their body temperatures so having clean and cool water readily available can help them out greatly.

Leave wet food out

While dry food does not spoil, having wet food available can add extra hydration from the food to their systems. Please be aware this food will begin to smell and spoil when left in the sun, so you need to leave this food out for a small amount of time and then retrieve it to avoid spoiling which can make the cats sick and the smell which can upset neighbors

Create housing or cool hiding spots

The opposite of what community caretakers do in the winter can be done in the summer. Providing a cool shelter or opening up a little area under a deck to allow them to rest in the shade can benefit cats while keeping them safe.

TNR (Trap, neuter, release)

As always, TNR never ends. Summer is also the height of kitten season, so seeing so many stray kittens roaming should get you in gear to take care of your cats and get them fixed. A pregnant cat during the summer is a very stressed and overworked cat, so fixing them to stop pregnancies from occurring is great for their health and well-being and still stop the already skyrocketing cat population from growing.

These are small gestures that can be done to keep your community cats safe. For those community cats who have made it inside from the heat with one of our fosters, Project MEOW is always looking to place these loving and “cool” cats in your home.


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