Keeping Cats Safe From Toxic Plants

Keeping Cats Safe From Toxic Plants


Keeping Cats Safe From Toxic Plants

There is something so enjoyable when it comes to having fresh flowers in your house and apartment. They liven up the room, give your apartment a touch of color, and give off a lovely aroma.

But, what if there is a more sinister part of having a beautiful flower or plants in your home? Well, for one, they can be potentially poisonous to your cats. A sickly cat probably isn’t worth the aroma or looks, especially if you are a cat lover.

When receiving flowers as gifts or just spontaneous shopping, we tend to forget the above, and while the mistake might be innocent, the repercussions are less than fun.

Will your cat die from ingesting a poisonous plant? Probably not right away, but they will become sick–including throwing up, diarrhea, and other less enjoyable outcomes–which can also lead to more potentially life threatening illness.

A list of common plants that are poisonous includes: Azalea, Daffodils, Tulips, and Lilies. Some of these can cause blood pressure issues and kidney failure, so these plants were the worst offenders with the harshest outcomes.

A volunteer remembers a simple slip of the mind which almost cost her a cat’s life.

“I had received a bouquet of flowers after the passing of my mother and was just not in the right state of mind. Considering the flower was a mix of many different flowers, I just kind of plopped it down without a second thought. Well, about a day later my cat started vomiting, so after checking food expiration dates and if anything had been ripped open and eaten, I thought of what was different. The flowers! I looked at what flowers may have been chomped on and of course, it was a Lily. Considering Lilies can be lethal to cats, I rushed to a vet. Luckily, some medicine and quick thinking got the situation under control with only some less than enjoyable explosions from both ends. I have since explained to those I care about that in any hardship, I’d appreciate a donation to a rescue in lieu of flowers.”

So, you have heard the bad, but what about the good? Spider plants, Bamboo, ferns, and succulents have been deemed safe for cats. For those who like a little color, certain orchids and violets have also been deemed “safe”. While these are flowers known to be okay, we’d still ebb on the side of caution to say you may want to invest in some fake plants or find alternatives to livening up your apartment–just to be safe.


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