Giving Older Kittens a Home

Giving Older Kittens a Home


Giving Older Kittens a Home

Not quite a cat but not quite a kitten.

This kind of sounds like the cat version of a Britney Spears song, but it holds some merit.

Many people who really want a kitten go for a true kitten. What do I mean by a true kitten? Well, they are really small and cute. They are usually between eight to twelve weeks old and can fit in the palm of your hand.

While these little guys are the typical kitten, what about those kittens that are a little bigger that don’t fit nicely in your hand? Unfortunately, kittens over six months tend to be ignored in comparison to their younger counterparts, but are just as much a kitten as a cute little fluff ball.

Why might these guys be a better match for you? Well, first off they are most likely litter trained by now, so you do not have to worry about whether or not YOU will be the one to teach them once you get them home. Their systems are also under control at this point. Ever have a young kitten who you just weaned over to a new set of food for the first time? Smelly is the word.

Beyond just eating and bathroom habits, these kittens have finally jumped ship from just being simply kittens to being small versions of cats. You finally get to see a personality come through whereas all kittens are hyper and generally all have the same disposition–hyper and playful.

One of our volunteers has her own experience with a not-so-little kitten.

“Adopting Johnny Cash at 8 months was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life. Being hesitant about adopting an older cat, he was mature, potty trained and comfortable with himself which put me at ease when relocating him from his foster home. Johnny Cash instantly acclimated to his new home and was confident with his new surroundings. I initially thought I wanted a kitten, but working from 9 to 5 would prohibit me from potty training a new kitty and giving it the TLC it needs at a very early age. Most cats love being on their own for most of the day, and the affection they receive when you get home is the highlight of their day. Johnny Cash greets me at my door each time I come home from work and treats me like a goddess especially at his meal times (don’t bite the hand the feeds you!). A pet can truly change your outlook on like and be very therapeutic and stress relieving, you just have to find the right animal that clicks with you. I am beyond blessed I found Johnny Cash as he has truly transformed my life and positive outlook on life. ”

Project MEOW has many kittens falling in the age range of six months old and beyond. If you are considering an older kitten as a new family member please reach out to us.


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