Trapping Tales

Trapping Tales


Trapping Tales

Every cat trapper has a tale to tell. The story may be one that makes everyone laugh, cry or just have an all-around feel good moment.

Trapping cats is a stressful job, but it is also a very fulfilling position to be in because you are giving the love and care to these cats that they need to thrive outside on their own.

Do these cats want to come indoors? Maybe some do, but most are happy to be outside but getting the same devotion that a fat house cat may get. Being neutered, vaccinated and well-groomed is a testament to how much community cat caretakers put into their jobs.

My own trapping stories involve finding an otherwise sick kitty come into my cage within five minutes of setting the trap with some KFC Popcorn Chicken and getting her cleaned up and healthy. She now thrives in my neighborhood and gets spoiled with lots of food and love.

My story is not unusual to the cat trapping world of TNR. We all love our cats, treat them with as much respect as our own animals and try to ensure they have the best life outdoors.

One volunteer recounts one of her favorite trapping stories.

“When I first moved into my home in the city, there was a large male hanging around. Turns out he was checking me out to make sure that I was an acceptable human. Apparently, I passed muster, because the next thing I know I see 5 kittens and their mama peeking through the bushes. I needed advice on trapping, and Project MEOW came to my rescue. They explained what to do when to do it, and how they could help me taking care of getting them veterinary care. Well, little did I know that Mama was very, very tricky, she outsmarted me at every turn–she loved her little cubs and guarded them like a fierce lion. It wasn’t until they started to escape from her clutches that I was able to capture them, one-by-one.

Turns out there were 5 boys, and when I trapped the last one, she howled for a week until it just about drove all the neighbors mad (so when they complained, I told them they could most certainly help me with the growing kitten population in the neighborhood).

All of her boys turned out to be very beautiful. I missed all of them after they left my foster room, but am so happy they have found their forever homes! Mama chose to stay outside, and has since moved on from my backyard.”

These are just a couple stories of how fulfilling the caring of community cats can be. You are giving back to an otherwise overlooked population of kitties who are just as deserving of your love as your own fur children.

Many of Project MEOW’s available cats have a story just as the above stated and are dedicated to helping the stray cats in Philadelphia and also keep populations low with education on TNRing the neighborhood cats.


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