Finding Comfort in Cats

Finding Comfort in Cats


Finding Comfort in Cats

Society has painted cats to be somewhat aloof or uncaring, but how true is this preconceived notion? Many cartoons show cats being disinterested in their human owners, but in reality, I feel it is much the opposite.

I have always come across loving and cuddly cats and personally own two very professional snugglers of my own. Some cats just differ in demeanor, but all appreciate a warm home, food, and love. In reality, even though we think we are saving the cats, could the cats also be saving us with their love and company?

Life inevitably throws hardships our way in the form of loss, death, broken hearts, and other stressors. While sometimes you have to go through the grief in your own way, it does not mean you have to go through it alone–and that’s where cats come in.

Sometimes, cats–especially rescues–are going through the same loss as you without you knowing it. Maybe they were dumped and feel unloved, lost their home and family or were abused prior to you finding them. You may have originally sought out something to mend your heart, but in the process, you are mending another creature’s heart as well. There is nothing better than a symbiotic relationship between two different species going through the same pain in different forms and finding comfort with each other.

One volunteer went through a similar situation and her realization was her and her new cat saved each other.

“My mother passed away unexpectedly in 2014, and about 6 weeks after her death, I took in a beautiful tortie-point Siamese named Tulip. Tulip’s owner had died and she refused to eat, and she came within hours of being euthanized before she was pulled from a shelter. Tulip was really traumatized and spent most of her time under my bed, but as the summer progressed she became more social. I found that caring for a cat who was going through a rough patch did wonders for helping me get through my own tough time – she desperately needed a friend, and so did I.”

Depression can really harm both felines and humans, so could owning or fostering a cat be a way to get through these hard times? Project MEOW is always looking for fosters and new homes for their rescues and this could be a way to help yourself and also help another creature out too–you may just save each other.


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