Carousel of Kittens

Carousel of Kittens


You may have read my previous post: you know, the one where I complained about all of the kitten that were eating all of my food, sleeping in my boxes, and horror of horrors demanding I groom them. Well, thank you humans for getting them out of my house. My wonderful resident human has kindly removed all kittens from the apartment and my misfortunes are a thing of the past!

All that sharing food with kittens who don’t understand that I get perks as Overlord Cat of the House:

Oscar decided that my food was more appetizing. I was not ready to give up.

Or all those times kittens decided that my box and blanket were much comfier:

Emmy Lou decides that my nap box is perfect for her nap too. I was too sleepy to argue at the time.

You don’t see it here, but eventually Shuppet just takes over my favourite blanket!

Or just general mischief that is mentally exhausting as I run around to make sure these fuzzy tykes come to no harm:

Precious Malia wanted to explore my comfy loft-ledge. She’s too small for this!

The best part is probably not having to groom them anymore when they’ve forgotten how:

Robin demands assistance grooming behind her ears. What do they teach her in kitten school?

Your help was greatly appreciated and it’s time for me to bask in my retirement. I’m far more rested now than when this picture was taken!

I’m tired from a day of keeping Makita safe and happy. Send help, I need sleep!

…Wait, what do you mean that we’re getting new kittens?

(Note from the human: Thank you everyone for helping us find homes for all of the kittens that the fluffy cat I serve has helped foster.)


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